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  • Gorkha Municipality-06,Haramtari,Gorkha, Gandaki Province, Nepal

Expected Outcomes:

 Development of a learning centre for both Nepalese and foreigners by the revival of our culture , tradition and history.
 All the colleges and universities will have a short term course with our collaboartion for Project Management, Proposal Writing, Resource mobilization and sustainable development.
 Creation of employment opportunities through the teaching of short term courses for skills enhancement.
 To facilitate on Nepalese tourism, lower Manasalu trek , upper Manasalu trek and other eco-tourism activities.
 To collaboarte with various foreign universities for research of our origianl culture ,tradition and identity and recognise it to world forum.
This project will help invite more than one lakh tourists each year in Gorkha which ultimately contribute to econmic strengthening of the district.

 There will be a postive implication on nepalese economic develoment as national, rgional and international trainings will be organised in Nepal.
 There will be the net income of more than 5 crore each year which will be invested to various hummanitarian and benevolent activities through collaboration with Rural Municiplaities and Municialities to build strong and strengthened community eventually.