Warm welcome to all visitors of this site!
On this special occasion, as we celebrate the launch of ekikarannepal.org, I would like to introduce you the new official website of the Ekikaran nepal organization. Its primary aim is to provide information about our organization, its principles, activities, initial idea, and future plans. I hope that you will find this website to be informative and user-friendly.
Before we proceed any further, I would like to give you a brief overview of our organization. Ekikaran Nepal is a non-profit independent organization which was established under the initiative of entrepreneurs in order to support humanitarian work, philanthropy and long term development in Nepal
As a group, Ekikaran Nepal strongly believes that our organization is a lot more than just a group of people coming together for a common cause. Ever since its creation in 2019, we have gone to great lengths to implement new initiatives and develop new tools that keep us focused on fundraising and humanitarian work.
I am sure that now, in today’s kind of economical world we are in, it is just the right time to present to the business-society which also help to poor and vulnerable section of the society- Ekikaran Nepal.This is a global, voluntary initiative designed from non profit sector which ultimately help to change the lives of more than million people around the world.
We look forward to working with you on growing your involvement for successful implementation of 10 Rupees campaign which is the business of this not profit.
Hari Devkota
President and CEO.